Local partnerships achieve results through Work for the Dole

Work Experience Co-ordinator Patrick Taylor talks about his experience regenerating the river banks of the Burnett River.

After the floods in February 2013 devastated local farms and businesses along the Burnett River, many areas were left stripped of trees and top soil. Something needed to be done to repair and strengthen the Burnett River banks.

Job Futures member Community Solutions partnered with the Burnett Mary River Group and Burnett Catchment Care Association to create a Work for the Dole Community Action Group. The project also collaborated with other local JSA providers to ensure sufficient participants.

This was the first time an activity had been undertaken with the aim of drawing on all local JSA providers and has received full support from the Department of Employment. This project includes the repair and re-vegetation of 20 sites along the Burnett River. Already four participants have been offered ongoing employment.