Work experience teams and how they change lives

Job Futures members across Australia have partnered with 1,572 host organisations to deliver work experience activities. (Source: AM001 JSA Activity Management 31/08/14).

The Work Experience Co-ordinator at IMPACT explains the value of the program in changing lives.

Job Futures member IMPACT is a recognised best practice provider of Work Experience (WEX). Located in Bundaberg Queensland the organisation provides helping hands to local organisations to get jobs done - especially where specific skills are needed.

IMPACT has taken more than 500 participants through the program in the last 12 months. Community jobs have included painting, paving, environmental weed eradication, building new gardens, fencing and concreting. Work Experience co-ordinator Sandra Zielke believes "it's not just practical skills they learn on the job - I've seen some amazing transformations in confidence, commitment and team work."

IMPACT works effectively with job seekers in the Work Experience Phase (14.6% of their caseload are in this phase) with a focus on spring boarding from the activity into employment. Since the start of the contract they have placed 8,739 job seekers in work experience into employment, education and NEIS. IMPACT have claimed 2,489 paid placements and achieved 4,114 13 week outcomes and 2,338 26 week outcomes. (Sub 37 and ACM11 31/7/2014).