Our national, regional and local employer solutions

Job Futures National Employer Servicing Unit:

  • Manage Hit The Ground Running a program which will build agreements with large employers and work with providers and recruitment companies to meet national employer needs;
  • Create opportunities for job seekers by building relationships with large employers across multiple regions;
  • Lead discussions with national employers and employer organisations regarding workforce needs;
  • Celebrate employers through Employer Recognition programs and Annual Awards; and,
  • Educate employers about labor mobility strategies, the use of new wage subsidies and employment programs.

Regional Strategy Specialists:

  • Work with all industry skills councils and chambers of commerce to identify large developments and infrastructure projects that offer high volume employment opportunities in each region; and,
  • Build and manage new relationships with Job Futures members in their regions to ensure regional and local employers needs are being met.

Local Employer Strategy - Industry Connections Unit:

  • Workforce Solutions Consultants work with employers and industry to understand the businesses and staffing needs in their local area; and,
  • Workplace Trainers, who run training and industry tasters for job seekers in areas of need. These areas are informed by the Workforce Solutions Consultants.
Channel 7 story on the Academy for Community Employment

Job Futures member Bridging the Gap has established an Academy for Community Employment offering an innovative approach to employers' recruitment needs.

The academy, founded in July 2013, was funded by the Australian Government Department of Human Services through the Better Futures, Local Solutions initiative. Within the first financial year the academy registered 55 candidates, 53 of whom achieved their Passport-to-Employment from which 37 secured sustainable employment.

The Job Futures network at a glance

The Job Futures network is made up of 35 members from every state and territory of Australia, with 226 sites across the country comprising 77 JSA sites and 149 DES sites.

This means that every day across Australia, our 68,000 job seekers can easily access our services in their local communities.

(Source LMIP, June 2014)

Employment consultants talk about changing lives

Listen to front line staff from CHESS, ACSO and Marillac talk about how a job can change a person's life. As one employment consultant put it, "jobs are everything - they are life changing".

Horticulture social enterprise

Ngulla Training & Community Centre is an innovative, horticultural-based social enterprise of Job Futures member Bridging the Gap. The enterprise is aimed at generating employment and work place training opportunities for local youth, job seekers and the community. Ngulla training is focused on experiential learning with written material encompassing just 25% of core learning in order to eliminate issues of numeracy and literacy shortfalls within the student body.

In this financial year both accredited and non-accredited training programs have been delivered including work experience in building and construction, handy-man projects and plant propagation, as well as Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management.

In partnership with CSBP, a traineeship program for Indigenous people was developed where two young trainees will attain their Certificate II in Conservation & Land Management whilst working on projects to enhance the landscaping at CSBP's Kwinana site. Upon completion the trainees will be supported by both Bridging the Gap and CSBP to help them gain full-time employment. It is intended that this will be an ongoing traineeship program with a major employer in the Kwinana Industrial Area.

Youth improving their local communities

The Federal Government has selected Job Futures to lead the rein-troduction of youth environmental projects across Australia. The announcement shows the government's confidence in Job Futures strong track record of providing training and experience in environ-mental and heritage conservation to young Australians.

The strength and expertise of network members, who will liaise with local communities to design and manage projects, provides Job Futures with the opportunity to deliver Green Army across NSW, ACT, Victoria, Northern Territory and Western Australia. Green Army is a hands-on, practical, grassroots environmental action program that supports local environmental and heritage conservation projects across Australia.

More information can be found on our Green Army page, as well as the Department of Environment's Green Army website.

Job Futures reaches into remote Western Australia

When working with large employers in the Broome region, particularly the resources industry, there are complex recruitment requirements.

For example, to supply Rio Tinto with staff for their annual employment program (entry level personnel for their Pilbara iron ore mines), Job Futures member Kimberly Employment Services identifies potential candidates up to a year before the recruitment period. This is done so that they can optimally prepare candidates by addressing issues such as driver's licences, literacy and numeracy, Cert II in Infrastructure and Resources, and alerting them to the challenges of a remote fly in/fly out lifestyle. Preparation also includes flying the candidates to the mine site for a paid orientation shift.

Over their five year relationship with Rio Tinto this approach has proved very successful, with five out of the six employees from last year's intake still in employment 12 months later.

channel 7 story on the academy for community employment
horticulture social enterprise horticulture social enterprise horticulture social enterprise horticulture social enterprise