Our national, regional and local employer solutions

Job Futures National Employer Servicing Unit:

  • Manage Hit The Ground Running a program which will build agreements with large employers and work with providers and recruitment companies to meet national employer needs;
  • Create opportunities for job seekers by building relationships with large employers across multiple regions;
  • Lead discussions with national employers and employer organisations regarding workforce needs;
  • Celebrate employers through Employer Recognition programs and Annual Awards; and,
  • Educate employers about labor mobility strategies, the use of new wage subsidies and employment programs.

Regional Strategy Specialists:

  • Work with all industry skills councils and chambers of commerce to identify large developments and infrastructure projects that offer high volume employment opportunities in each region; and,
  • Build and manage new relationships with Job Futures members in their regions to ensure regional and local employers needs are being met.

Local Employer Strategy - Industry Connections Unit:

  • Workforce Solutions Consultants work with employers and industry to understand the businesses and staffing needs in their local area; and,
  • Workplace Trainers, who run training and industry tasters for job seekers in areas of need. These areas are informed by the Workforce Solutions Consultants.
Employment consultants talk about changing lives

Listen to front line staff from CHESS, ACSO and Marillac talk about how a job can change a person's life. As one employment consultant put it, "jobs are everything - they are life changing".

The Job Futures network at a glance

The Job Futures network is made up of 35 members from every state and territory of Australia, with 226 sites across the country comprising 77 JSA sites and 149 DES sites.

This means that every day across Australia, our 68,000 job seekers can easily access our services in their local communities.

(Source LMIP, June 2014)

How John beat long-term unemployment

Job Futures member Employment Directions in South Australia is playing a vital role in breaking down barriers to employment in their community. Here is just one example of the work they are doing.

John Haysman is a charismatic, indigenous 44 year old man who has been registered as unemployed since 2009. Despite being well educated, enthusiastic and genuine, he has struggled to find long-term employment in the area where there are limited opportunities.

Employment Directions commenced working with John in June 2013. The first task was to focus on an area of interest and then strengthen John's capabilities by obtaining his Certificate ll in Civil Construction, including his Work Zone Traffic Management and Fork Lift License. Once achieved, a job application was prepared with John targeting local town councils. His course trainer was also asked to assist as a referee.

After 5 long years of struggling and continual effort on John's behalf, he was successful in gaining full time employment with the Regional Council of Goyder as a Plant Operator / Labourer. Post placement calls confirm that John is ecstatic with his working situation and the Council is pleased to have such a positive and hardworking employee.

Youth improving their local communities

The Federal Government has selected Job Futures to lead the rein-troduction of youth environmental projects across Australia. The announcement shows the government's confidence in Job Futures strong track record of providing training and experience in environ-mental and heritage conservation to young Australians.

The strength and expertise of network members, who will liaise with local communities to design and manage projects, provides Job Futures with the opportunity to deliver Green Army across NSW, ACT, Victoria, Northern Territory and Western Australia. Green Army is a hands-on, practical, grassroots environmental action program that supports local environmental and heritage conservation projects across Australia.

More information can be found on our Green Army page, as well as the Department of Environment's Green Army website.

Industry immersions help 97% of participants find employment

Job Futures member Employment Directions (South Australia) conduct employer site visits and industry-specific immersions in the childcare, viticulture and auto industries to ensure job seekers know what to expect and give employers the opportunity to meet with potential employees.

For example, to prepare young job seekers for vineyard work they run a pruning course. Employers are invited to attend, observe the participants pruning the vines and then interview them for employment. The result? Over the last 3 years (2011-14): 97% of the participants have gained employment, with 35 13 week outcomes and 22 26 week outcomes.