Our national, regional and local employer solutions

Job Futures National Employer Servicing Unit:

  • Manage Hit The Ground Running a program which will build agreements with large employers and work with providers and recruitment companies to meet national employer needs;
  • Create opportunities for job seekers by building relationships with large employers across multiple regions;
  • Lead discussions with national employers and employer organisations regarding workforce needs;
  • Celebrate employers through Employer Recognition programs and Annual Awards; and,
  • Educate employers about labor mobility strategies, the use of new wage subsidies and employment programs.

Regional Strategy Specialists:

  • Work with all industry skills councils and chambers of commerce to identify large developments and infrastructure projects that offer high volume employment opportunities in each region; and,
  • Build and manage new relationships with Job Futures members in their regions to ensure regional and local employers needs are being met.

Local Employer Strategy - Industry Connections Unit:

  • Workforce Solutions Consultants work with employers and industry to understand the businesses and staffing needs in their local area; and,
  • Workplace Trainers, who run training and industry tasters for job seekers in areas of need. These areas are informed by the Workforce Solutions Consultants.
Working with gas producer QGC

BUSY At Work and QGC Pty Ltd have created the QGC Strengthening Local Workforces Program. This will develop a local labour force in non-coal seam gas industries in the Western Downs, Gladstone, North Burnett and Banana Shire regions of Queensland.

The program will contribute to creating sustainable communities, attracting 200 apprentices and trainees.

Participation in the QGC Strengthening Local Workforces Program is free for businesses within the Western Downs, Gladstone, North Burnett and Banana Shire regions. The program will match local businesses with the right apprentice or trainee and then provide a structured mentoring program to support the participant to complete their qualification. The program will complement existing Federal Government incentives available.

The Job Futures network at a glance

The Job Futures network is made up of 35 members from every state and territory of Australia, with 226 sites across the country comprising 77 JSA sites and 149 DES sites.

This means that every day across Australia, our 68,000 job seekers can easily access our services in their local communities.

(Source LMIP, June 2014)

Wilmar wins the National Employer Partnership Award

Michelle Reynolds, HR co-ordinator for Victoria Mill, said Job Futures intrinsic knowledge of the sugar industry and Victoria Mill operations made it possible for Wilmar to maximise opportunities for local job seekers.

Wilmar's Victoria Mill has been recognised for their efforts to build career opportunities for the unemployed in the Ingham region of Queensland, being named as the inaugural recipient of the National Employer Partnership Award at the 2014 Job Futures National Conference.

"As one of the most significant employers in the region, Wilmar has shown a genuine commitment to help change lives through employment in Ingham," Job Futures CEO, Matt Little, said. "They were a clear standout to be this year's award recipient."

The national employer partnership award recognises a business that is proactive in reducing local disadvantage by providing sustainable employment opportunities for the long-term unemployed. It also takes into account local Job Futures members who individualise their employment solutions to meet the recruitment expectations of business.

"It's a partnership that works because Job Futures understands the type of roles we have at Wilmar, the skills required for each role, as well as the personal attributes that ensure they thrive as an employee with us," HR co-ordinator for Victoria Mill, Michelle Reynolds, said.

Employment consultants talk about changing lives

Listen to front line staff from CHESS, ACSO and Marillac talk about how a job can change a person's life. As one employment consultant put it, "jobs are everything - they are life changing".

Bundaberg's recycling social enterprise

The Bundaberg Recycling and Collection centre is managed by Job Futures mem-ber IMPACT on behalf of Bundaberg Regional Council. 27 workers with disability are employed through the Department of Social Services' Australian Disability Enterprise initiative to work within the facility, and are assisted by IMPACT workers to provide training and support both on and off the premises.

The support provided is not all about work and includes activities such as driver education, living and lifestyle skilling, cooking, computer skills and community access.

8000 tonnes of materials received by the centre each week, where the majority is made into alternative products, with some of the recycled clear coke bottles even returning as work shirts for the centres staff.

Local partnerships achieve results through Work for the Dole

Work Experience Co-ordinator Patrick Taylor talks about his experience regenerating the river banks of the Burnett River.

After the floods in February 2013 devastated local farms and businesses along the Burnett River, many areas were left stripped of trees and top soil. Something needed to be done to repair and strengthen the Burnett River banks.

Job Futures member Community Solutions partnered with the Burnett Mary River Group and Burnett Catchment Care Association to create a Work for the Dole Community Action Group. The project also collaborated with other local JSA providers to ensure sufficient participants.

This was the first time an activity had been undertaken with the aim of drawing on all local JSA providers and has received full support from the Department of Employment. This project includes the repair and re-vegetation of 20 sites along the Burnett River. Already four participants have been offered ongoing employment.

Work experience teams and how they change lives

Job Futures members across Australia have partnered with 1,572 host organisations to deliver work experience activities. (Source: AM001 JSA Activity Management 31/08/14).

The Work Experience Co-ordinator at IMPACT explains the value of the program in changing lives.

Job Futures member IMPACT is a recognised best practice provider of Work Experience (WEX). Located in Bundaberg Queensland the organisation provides helping hands to local organisations to get jobs done - especially where specific skills are needed.

IMPACT has taken more than 500 participants through the program in the last 12 months. Community jobs have included painting, paving, environmental weed eradication, building new gardens, fencing and concreting. Work Experience co-ordinator Sandra Zielke believes "it's not just practical skills they learn on the job - I've seen some amazing transformations in confidence, commitment and team work."

IMPACT works effectively with job seekers in the Work Experience Phase (14.6% of their caseload are in this phase) with a focus on spring boarding from the activity into employment. Since the start of the contract they have placed 8,739 job seekers in work experience into employment, education and NEIS. IMPACT have claimed 2,489 paid placements and achieved 4,114 13 week outcomes and 2,338 26 week outcomes. (Sub 37 and ACM11 31/7/2014).

Partnerships prepare mature-age job seekers for aged care industry

Job Futures member BUSY At Work have partnered with aged care provider Wesley Mission to target occupations across Aged Care and Community Services. To provide relevant training BUSY At Work will also partner with Brisbane TAFE targeting mature aged job seekers. This sector provides good employment prospects for mature age workers, as 43% of people currently employed in this sector in North Brisbane are aged 45+.

Aged care is a growth industry and Job Futures is developing closer ties with this sector to provide effective pathways to ongoing employment for job seekers.

Overcoming barriers to become valued employees

Job Futures member Open Minds has worked with a local supermarket to place disadvantaged job seekers into stable employment, at the same time meeting the employer's workforce needs.

FoodWorks partnership meets employer workforce demand

Job Futures member BUSY At Work has developed "Your Skills Your Way", an employer demand-led program for the North Brisbane area. The program provides employers, partner RTOs and job seekers with: a managed job seeker engagement, screening and selection process; development and delivery of a training plan addressing skill sets that have proved successful in the occupation; and, career mapping and mentoring upon placement.

Under this program BUSY At Work will partner with FoodWorks to create approximately 15 retail positions for participants across 10 FoodWorks locations.

The program will also partner with ICE (Institute of Culinary Excellence), QTIC (Queensland Tourism Industry Council), and their members, offering job seekers the opportunity to complete a Scholarship in Culinary Excellence. This will be supported by Brisbane's top chefs who operate five star fine dining restaurants. Upon completion successful scholars will be offered apprenticeships within member businesses. Participants will be supported for 12 months through a partnered mentoring package between BUSY At Work and ICE.

Valuable partnership with Toowoomba employer

Employer AJ Doige from Ability Enterprises talks about how working with Personnel West, a part of Job Futures member Community Solutions, has provided his organisation with a valuable workforce solution.

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