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In addition, Job Futures is currently:

  • The largest specialist JSA provider,
  • The fourth largest JSA provider,
  • One of the largest DES providers; and,
  • The third largest provider in Green Army.

Job Futures has also increased its job placements at a time when unemployment has risen. By working with local organisations plugged into their local labour market we are able to identify opportunities, access the hidden jobs market and adapt to economic fluctuations before the impact is felt.

(Source: ACM04 Job Placement Trends report)

Job Futures growth in 2014

Caseload commencements over the past 12 months have totaled 68,818.

The Job Futures network has helped an extra 16,182 people since last year as our provider network grows and more job seekers choose our service. This increase also reflects the economic downturn. The breakdown of the last 12 months is:

JSA: 58,447
DES: 7,713
Access: 2,658

(Source: JSA and DES caseload reports 1/7/2013 - 30/06/2014 & Access reporting (as per previous report))

Impressive JSA 5 Star results in tough times

Job Futures has the highest number of 5 Star sites of all the large JSA providers (60+ sites).

95% of our sites are 3 Stars or above, the highest performance profile of any of the large providers.

(Source: June 2014 Star Ratings report)

Our national, regional and local employer solutions

Job Futures National Employer Servicing Unit:

  • Manage Hit The Ground Running a program which will build agreements with large employers and work with providers and recruitment companies to meet national employer needs;
  • Create opportunities for job seekers by building relationships with large employers across multiple regions;
  • Lead discussions with national employers and employer organisations regarding workforce needs;
  • Celebrate employers through Employer Recognition programs and Annual Awards; and,
  • Educate employers about labor mobility strategies, the use of new wage subsidies and employment programs.

Regional Strategy Specialists:

  • Work with all industry skills councils and chambers of commerce to identify large developments and infrastructure projects that offer high volume employment opportunities in each region; and,
  • Build and manage new relationships with Job Futures members in their regions to ensure regional and local employers needs are being met.

Local Employer Strategy - Industry Connections Unit:

  • Workforce Solutions Consultants work with employers and industry to understand the businesses and staffing needs in their local area; and,
  • Workplace Trainers, who run training and industry tasters for job seekers in areas of need. These areas are informed by the Workforce Solutions Consultants.
Demand-led employment strategy

A demand-led program starts with an employer and works backwards to develop a pipeline of employer-led skills training. This means designing and delivering services for job seekers based on the hiring requirements of employers. It is founded on the premise that the better the training meets the employer's needs, the more likely it is that the individual will get and keep the job.

Over the last 12 months Job Futures has focused on improving the way we work with medium to large employers. Historically our strength has been in local relationships formed by our members with local employers in their communities.

Our objective has been to introduce strategies to work with larger employers at both regional and national levels. After researching a number of different employer servicing models, Job Futures has adopted a demand-led employment strategy. The demand-led strategy aims to improve employment outcomes by ensuring the skills development we provide our job seekers meets employer requirements for available positions.

The Job Futures network at a glance

The Job Futures network is made up of 35 members from every state and territory of Australia, with 226 sites across the country comprising 77 JSA sites and 149 DES sites.

This means that every day across Australia, our 68,000 job seekers can easily access our services in their local communities.

(Source LMIP, June 2014)

Learn about the types of people we help

One of our greatest strengths is the diversity of our members. This enables us to effectively assist a wide range of job seekers.

We currently hold a number of specialist contracts that deliver services to meet the specific needs of people with disability, young people and at-risk youth, job seekers from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, job seekers who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and ex-offenders.

We spend more time with people in need

Maintaining job seeker engagement is crucial. Job Futures has consistently outperformed the JSA provider average for minimum contacts with clients during contract performance periods.

(Source: M.Drayton/S.Watson presentation to JF National Conference 2014 - data from 1/7/09-31/3/14)

5 keys to success in employment services

1. Effective Assessments - Our Turning Point Assessment seeks to determine the most suitable time to deliver an intervention (e.g. counselling or training) based on an Applied Psychological Assessment to understand job seekers' attitudes towards readiness for employment. This targeted approach brings results.

2. Maintaining Engagement - Job Futures has consistently outperformed the JSA provider average for minimum contacts with clients during contract performance periods. We know the stronger the engagement the more quickly people address barriers and achieve employment.

3. Leadership Program - Skilled site leaders are key to effective delivery of employment services. We invest heavily in the professional development of our leaders. Job Futures received National Workforce Development Funding for our Leadership Program which delivers a Diploma in Employment Services. The program was part of a strategy to address the needs of our emerging leaders in what has become a demanding environment.

4. Online Learning Tools - Staff have 24 hour access to industry training through Turning Point, our online learning resource, with 1,175 resources to date that includes webinars and online tools.

5. Research & Innovation Team - Job Futures runs a research program which includes reviews of international and Australian best practice, stakeholder feedback, and encourages sector collaboration on pilot projects. It also identifies partnerships for research to drive continuous improvement and innovation. An example is our partnership with the University of Sydney, Queensland University of Technology and the University of Wollongong for the study into how formal and informal networks affect employment outcomes for the long-term and youth unemployed. This work is funded under the Australian Research Council Linkage Grants.

Exceeding all national averages for outcomes

Job Futures specialises in helping the hardest-to-place job seekers into work, with all of our 13 and 26 week outcomes exceeding the national average.

Our particular strength is helping those with the highest barriers to employment (stream 4 job seekers) find long term sustainable employment of 26 weeks or over. In this area our results are 55% higher than the national average.

(Source PER02 - 30/6/14)

Job Futures non-profit credentials

This year, through the JSA job seekers we placed into employment, Job Futures saved the government $42 million in welfare payments - up from $35 million last year. This saving does not take into account the enormous growth in productivity as more people become active in our economy. This multiplier effect can also be applied to the health of job seekers, their reliance on other support services, and even the future productivity of the job seekers' children who will, in many cases, follow their parent's example.

! As a public benevolent institution providing government funded services to individuals with high needs and significant disadvantage, Job Futures Ltd is acutely aware of our responsibility and accountability to operate with sound governance. Job Futures financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2014 are available on our website. Read More

A snapshot of services offered

The Job Futures network provides a diverse range of community services.

Employment services is only one of 15 specialist services that our network provides to communities. This diversity places Job Futures as one of the largest community service providers in the nation.