Access Australian Apprenticeships Access Programme
ARC Australian Research Council
CALD Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
COAG Council of Australian Governments
DoE Department of Employment
DEEWR Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (The past name for the now Department of Employment)
DES Disability Employment Services
DES-DMS Disability Employment Services – Disability Management Services
DES-ESS Disability Employment Services – Employment Services System
DoHS Department of Human Services
DSP Disability Support Pension
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EPF Employment Pathway Fund
EPP Employment Pathway Plan
ESA Employment Service Area
GTO Group Training Organisation
JSA Job Services Australia
KPI Key Performance Indicator
LMR Labour Market Region
LMP Labour Market Portal
MOU Memorandum of understanding
NSDS National Standards for Disability Services
NEIS New Enterprise Incentive Scheme
PSD Psychiatric Disability
QAF Quality Assurance Framework
RAP Reconciliation Action Plan
RFT Request for Tender
RJCP Remote Jobs and Communities Program
RTO Registered Training Organisation
Star Ratings Employment Service providers are rated on performance, based on placing clients into work and keeping them employed for 13 and/or 26 weeks. A Star Rating system is used, ranging from one to five stars; five stars indicate the highest level of performance.
VLTU Very Long Term Unemployed
WEX Work Experience